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Time to move on!

Well, I have really enjoyed developing desktop applications for organisations over the last 20+ years but now it is time to move on.

We have moved from our rather large house in Reading to Dorset and it has turned out to have been a really good move. We now have a very productive vegetable garden which needs constant attention.

Maybe you would like to take up sailing and what better class of boat than a Nicholson 32. Please go to the web site to find out more about this wonderful boat.

While I have now retired, I have not stopped developing applications. These are for Associations to which I belong. I have moved away from the desktop and now develop web-based applications. Initially these have been simple but as my experience increases, they will increasingly be using on-line SQL data stores.

It's not all IT though. I am improving at Bridge, playing variously contract, chicago and duplicate - each with their own challenges. A few years ago we took on an old sailing yacht and have now covered a few thousand miles. There is still the odd wood-working project and there's always the garden.

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